We already planted
87400 trees

Mama, plant a tree


Where are you? How did the night go with you?

These are 2 questions that you hear all the time and ask yourself. It's like calling back every morning to make sure everyone is safe.
🙏Half of our team has already crossed the border and is now safe in various European countries.
🌎We are very grateful to the Europeans for the warm welcome, for the care, for all the simplified programs and procedures for Ukrainians, which have now made our lives incredibly easy.
The other half of our team is still close to hot spots (Zhytomyr, Lutsk), where it can become dangerous at any time.
What's next?
🌳We will continue to plant. Since you have donated funds for new spring plantings since December. But we will have to change the place of landing.

🌎Lander in other countries and other continents. Ecology has no borders, trees are needed everywhere. ⠀ And when in Ukraine? 🇺🇦 ⠀ 

As soon as it becomes safe, we will immediately start planting in Ukraine. 🌳 ⠀ 

🌿There are foreign companies that want to pre-order tree planting to support the Ukrainian economy. ⠀ 

🌳And as soon as possible, plant these trees in the affected areas, helping to restore natural landscapes, local alleys and parks.