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No forest – no protection from planet warming

Every year, the average inhabitant of the planet produces 6 tons of CO2. To make life possible in 2040, to compensate for the harm to the Planet, one person needs to plant 73 trees annually.

The planet will never be the same again. Our overconsumption, which released an incredible amount of CO2 into the atmosphere, has ALREADY overheated us.

The climate has changed irreversibly. It depends on us how much we can mitigate the consequences. While the world’s governments are working to unite the efforts of all countries to reorganize the economy and reduce emissions, ordinary people and businesses have a simple and effective tool in their hands – planting trees! This is the only way available to everyone to keep the current temperature on Earth. The only way to pay for our carbon footprint that we create on the planet is by enjoying our comfortable life.



Unfortunately, we cannot provide a choice of trees or planting sites for planting less than 50 trees.

Each landing (type of tree and place) is coordinated by different state institutions or the city councils.

People in the modern world live at an incredible pace, which constantly makes them hurry somewhere, and leaves almost no time. Many people understand that it is necessary to plant, that trees are our air, but often they simply do not have the time, space, and resources for this. Grow a seedling, get a planting permit (if you don’t live in a house), buy a shovel, and then water it every day until the tree starts. For this, often, there is simply no time. Therefore, we have organized a service that will do everything for you:

You just need to press one button and choose the number of trees that you want plant. All funds are collected year-round for the implementation of mass plantings at the most favorable time for young trees. Usually it is March, April, first half of May, end of September, October. If you are a company, NGO, or just an individual who has the ability to plant a large number of trees, write to us at info@mamaplantatree.com and we will be happy to agree on possible places for planting on an individual basis. Individual plantings start with 50 trees.


We plant in places where local authorities give us permission to do so. In the “Places” section, you can see the already planted trees on the photo, and clearly find them by geolocation. If you have any suggestions for where to land – add one under the map and we will find out if we can plant there.


We join the global reforestation plan

The world plan is 900 million GA2 by the end of this century. Now the goal is to land 350 million hectares by 2030, of which 170 million have already been planted. Simply put, this means MORE IS BETTER! Incredibly, more than 80,938 hectares of rainforest are burned every day. That is, more than 60 hectares are lost every minute, and 31 million hectares are lost every year! More than 20 percent of the Amazon rainforest is no longer there, and many more are seriously threatened as destruction continues. No forest – no protection from planet overheating. And this leads to fires, frequent hurricanes and anomalies. The entire ecosystem changes, species die, the soil reduces fertility.

We have already planted 602 trees


This is a call of the younger generation to all adults to answer for their actions! It depends only on us what the house in which our children live will be like. This is the philosophy of #Mamaplantatree Let’s help our children to remove the consequences of our actions behind us.