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For Businesses

Climate has never been such an important issue on the business agenda around the world as it is today.

By placing the CO2-Neutral label on your products, you choose to take responsibility for the true impact of your CO2 emissions instead of shifting it to society and future generations.

You are demonstrating your environmental performance and respect towards your customers

By neutralizing your carbon footprint, you are working as a conscious company that does not leave your baggage for generations to come.


What do we offer:

Compensate for your carbon footprint and obtain a CO2 neutral certification

You just need to calculate the carbon footprint of your organization on a calculator and tell us the total. And we will calculate how many trees need to be planted to compensate for it. The trees can be planted by company employees or entrusted with planting by Pomamaplantatree volunteers.

The CO2 footprint can be calculated for any period, but annual data must be entered in order to be certified as carbon neutral.

After signing the contract and planting trees, we provide a certificate and a CO2-neutrality badge for 1 year, which can be placed on your products.

It is important that for the calculation the data posted on the organization’s website are used in the public domain.

Calculate CO2

Gift certificates:

Gift certificates

Now, you no longer need to figure out which valuable gift to choose for a birthday, or any other important date of a friend, colleague or the whole company.

Present a park or a valley! What could be more valuable than trees that will bring health to the birthday man and the entire Planet!

Interactive MAP

Place an interactive map in your establishment on which visitors can glue trees. Each sticker is a planted tree in reality. Read more about the Map in the PRESENTATION

Team building

More and more leading companies in the world are creating traditions of new corporate events, abandoning traditional events and gifts in favor of good deeds and nature conservation.
Outdoor teambuilding has become a special necessity since the introduction of quarantine measures.

Teams are strengthened by a common goal during the planting of a new forest, clearing local water bodies of debris, etc.
This approach strongly strengthens connections within the team, often revealing new strengths of employees.
And after the completion of the work, everyone realizes that he was able to contribute to the improvement of the environmental situation in the region of the company’s presence.