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If you are engaged in growing seedlings or planting trees in your place, write to our group on facebook, we will always be happy to contact you when we plant in your region. We constantly need additional resources.

Methods of providing services, payment for goods and conditions of return:

The ordered service, purchased on the website “mamaplantatree.com”, takes place 2 times a year during the planting season: March, April, first part of May, end of September, October. After making a cashless payment on the website, the Buyer is provided with documents in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. The buyer receives a check for the appropriate number of trees to be planted. The trees are purchased and planted by the contractor LLC Green Group of Gardeners. The landing site is coordinated with Zelenstroy and the Ukrainian Environmental Group. After planting, trees are transferred to the balance of the state (city or village). The seller is not responsible for: – the negligent attitude of people towards planted trees when they are already on the balance sheet of the city or village; – types of trees that Zelenstroy and the Ukrainian nature conservation group agree on for planting; The return of the service in the online store is impossible and this is indicated in the Public Offer Agreement on the website www.mamaplantatree.com. Since according to the law of Ukraine on the protection of natural resources, administrative responsibility is provided for the excavation of already planted trees that are on the balance sheet of the state.