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EMERGENCY CARE “ASAP RESCUE” team – officially registered volunteer organization, that provides services to armed forces of Ukraine are in need of Resuscitation vehicle.

They participate in rescue operations in times of natural disasters and social turmoil. Since start of first war in 2014 they have been honored with 6 National Awards for saved lives. 

Currently, the organization has allocated 100% of its resources to provide evacuation and medical services for all those affected by war in Ukraine

They made 600 trips to evacuate wounded civilians and military citizens starting the beginning of the new war on 24.02.2022

Their last machine was bombarded on 10th of March, on the way to Mariupol

Reason: Avia shelling and bombing

Vehicle served since 2015 till 2022

2 vehicles died, 3 are in need of repair. 

No new lives are being saved, while they have no vehicles


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