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Children’s Letter Writing Campaign for Ukraine

Children’s Letter Writing Campaign  

Vector is collecting letters written by children (or drawings) to send to Ukrainian schools—messagesof support and encouragement. Help us spread the word! 

Letters to Ukraine 

℅ Vector Global Logistics 

887 West Marietta Street N.W., Suite N109 

Atlanta, Georgia 30318 

Letters to Ukraine 

℅ Vector Global Logistics 

Av. Revolución 3800-Suite 403, Torremolinos 

64850 Monterrey, N.L., México 

Letters to Ukraine 

℅ Vector Global Logistics 

Monte Everest 201, Los Bosques 

20120 Aguascalientes, Ags., México 

We can also collect letters at other locations around the world. Please contact us for more information. Vector will consolidate letters every two weeks and send in boxes to partner schools in Ukraine for distribution.

We are especially  focused on collecting  letters that will arrive  before the holidays, so  time is of the essence!

Request Suggestions 

● Ask teachers use it as a writing assignment! (See template on the next slide!)● Coordinate with church groups. 

● Contact other children’s civic groups. 

● Use as an after school activity. 

● Organize with homeschool networks. 

● Create a family activity. 

● Reach out to local nonprofits that work with kids. 

● Share on social media to spread the word!

Sample Letter to Teachers 

Hello, Teachers and Staff — 

My child is currently attending [SCHOOL NAME] in ___ grade, and I am writing to request your help in supporting other school-age children inUkraine.

Vector Global Logistics, the company I work for, has been supporting Ukraine by engaging with partners all over the world to ship humanitarian aid to those who need it as well as the surrounding countries where refugees have been forced to flee. Recently, we sent a box of letters written by children in Atlanta to one of our partners to share with Ukrainian children. This lets the kids know that others their age are thinking of them in this difficult time. 

I’m not asking you to fundraise or collect goods.But I am wondering if you will help me collect letters from your class. 

Would you be willing to conduct an exercise in your class where each child writes a (short) letter saying hello, we are thinking of them, wishing them safety, and anything else they might want to say? Or maybe just a drawing? The box we sent recently had letters that only had a sentence or two on there, and that is okay! It is the thought and initiative that counts. Here is a photo of an example: 


A Few Examples of Support and Encouragement 

No note, letter, or drawing is too  small! Everything is appreciated!




Please reach out if we can help you in any way!